LabView CAN 2023

Hello Again:

Does anyone know if CAN with daisy-chain wiring is available for 2023? We cannot find it in the LabView drop down menu files. Does anyone have an example of a code using it? Thank you!

Once again, desperate and frazzled.

If you’re looking for LabView blocks such as CTRE or Rev motor controllers, note you need to install their software to make the blocks available as third party libraries. See 3rd Party Libraries — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

I’m not sure what you mean by “daisy chain wiring”; this is typically how the devices are physically wired on the robot.

Thank you.
Daisy-chain is what I learned to call them years ago. Basically, putting the motor controllers in series from the RoboRio CAN port through each controller and back, as opposed to each controller going to its own RoboRio PWM port. I know the CAN way is better.

Last year, I thought (maybe a senior moment) that all of the necessary icons for LabView were already available on the FRC LabView installed version. I do not remember having to download anything additional. Again, however, I could be remembering wrong.

We went to the link you provided and are trying to follow the directions. So far, we are still not able to get the CAN icons.

For CTRE motor controllers, run the Phoenix framework installer: Software
For REV motor controllers, run the REVLib installer: REVLib Information - SPARK MAX

After running the installer, you can check to see if there’s files in C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2020\vi.lib\Rock Robotics\WPI\Third Party. The icons should also appear in the appropriate LabView palettes.

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