LabView CDs

first of all i’m sorry for my bad English…
my team have lost the CDs of LabView that we received last year and we need them. can anyone send my a disc image of them in email? (my address is reuvens1234 at gmail)
thanks in advance!

Four things:

  1. They were DVDs, not CDs.

  2. An image of disc1 would exceed 3GB in size. Gmail’s attachment limit is 25MB (I haven’t tested this but it’s what the help file says).

  3. Regardless, it would probably violate the license agreement to do what you request.

  4. I think you can download a 30-day free trial of LabVIEW from the NI website. This won’t have the FRC Framework, but it will let you get started training new programmers.


free trial.png

free trial.png

thanks a-lot!
i have 2 questions for you
is there anyway that i can install the framework on the trail ?
is there anyway to find this program legally (with the framework)?


If you have any other teams nearby you can borrow from them.

On the FRC Competition manual page, there is a link to a document called “Where to get more”. It provides an email address to contact for the LabVIEW disks.