LabView CMU CAM2 demo

Could somebody please upload a mirror of the file? we can’t get the demo + update, our FTP refuses to work.

Here’s an HTTP link to the “base” CMU Cam LabVIEW application:

And, of course, you can get the “update” patch in this post.


Okay, thanks, we got the file, but we’re getting an error:
Error 7 occured at Open File+.viOpen File
File not found! yadda yadda yadda… NI-488: Non-existant board.
Please help!

Have you tried the file that Danny posted here?

It includes the whole camera application and does not need to be updated. Just remove anything you had before and try this. It should eliminate the -7 error.


Is anyone else having trouble tracking the light? We got a lock on it, however it begins to move towards a new target. How do we stop this?

(We’re still just using LabView, btw)

If you’ve locked onto the light, and a new object comes up in the view of the camera, you cannot stop the camera from attempting to move around to track the light. The camera doesn’t know if the robot has moved or if the light has moved or whatever.