LabVIEW code deploying instead of running

Heya all!

I’m trying to test my code by running it on my own computer. Unfortunately, it insists on deploying to a nonexistent cRIO. I’ve tried all the menu options I could find, and I couldn’t find a way to stop this. Does anyone know how to turn it off?

you are operating in a FRC robot project try opening a blank vi then copying your code there

See this thread for more info on testing code without a cRIO:

if you are trying to test FRC code then you have to replace inputs with controls or constants and replace the outputs with indicators

In your LabVIEW project move the VI you are trying to run from under the cRIO Tree to under My Computer. This will change the context in which the VI runs. In the bottom left corner of your VI your should see if it is targeted to the cRIO or My Computer.

Note: If the VI is open when you move its location in the project you will have to close and reopen the VI before the change take effect.

Also, you’re VI won’t work if you have attempting you use hardware resources on the cRIO when in the My Computer context.

You can replace the I/Os with controls n indicators (so that you can control and see your program) and then open the main application instance (so that it wont try and deploy when u run it)

that way u can easily test and simulate the program without having to change your programming architecture

My advice would be to keep the I/O calls at the higher levels, and call into subVIs passing in the values and possibly passing out values. Doing this means that at the lower levels, you can drag the “logic only” subVIs up to the host and unit test them easily by typing in values, setting break points, etc. Then you drag them back to the cRIO portion of the project.

Greg McKaskle