LabView Codes how many seat licenses do you get with labView?

How many seat licenses do you get with this labView? We want to know the exact value for our schools programmers.

Here’s the language from the license. It says any or all computers designated for use of Team Members and Mentors, for use with FIRST.

A. Provided you are using the SOFTWARE solely in connection with a FIRST Team Competition, NI is willing to provide you with a limited, non-exclusive right to use the SOFTWARE for the Term, but only pursuant and subject at all times to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The SOFTWARE is in "use" when loaded into temporary memory (i.e., RAM) or installed into permanent memory (e.g., hard disk, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, network storage device, or other storage device). With respect to Team usage of the SOFTWARE: (i) each Team must designate in writing (through the NI registration process) one (1) adult user for the license who is a Mentor for the applicable Team (the “Team Contact”) and (ii) after the SOFTWARE is installed on a computer of the Team Contact, the SOFTWARE may then be installed on any or all computers designated for the use of Team Members and Mentors.

B. Use for Team Only; De-Activation. THE SOFTWARE MAY ONLY BE USED FOR PURPOSES OF A FIRST TEAM COMPETITION AND NOT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE , including, without limitation, use in a classroom or lab, research, professional, commercial, or industrial purposes. You hereby understand and agree that your license will automatically expire upon the conclusion or termination of your membership in a Team or should you stop being a Mentor or are no longer connected with FIRST; upon any such expiration, you must promptly uninstall all copies of the SOFTWARE from your applicable computer(s). As stated in Section 5 below (without limiting the generality thereof), this license may not be transferred. You also acknowledge and agree that the YOU ASSUME THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE RESULTS AND PERFORMANCE OF THE SOFTWARE. THE SOFTWARE CONTAINS CODE THAT WILL, AFTER A CERTAIN TIME PERIOD, DEACTIVATE THE SOFTWARE AND RENDER THE SOFTWARE UNUSABLE. ALTHOUGH THE SOFTWARE MAY WARN YOU OF THE TIME-FRAME IN WHICH IT WILL BE DISABLED, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT THE SOFTWARE MAY BE DEACTIVATED OR RENDERED UNUSABLE WITH OR WITHOUT WARNING. Upon such deactivation, this Agreement will be considered terminated.

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