LabVIEW coding error: Unable to run the robot.

I am the programmer for Team 1661. We am having an issue with either the code or the electronics: whenever we try to run just the simple code that FRC gives us we get a 44002 and a 44003 error saying that the driver station cant run the robot code and saying that the ping results are bad. We are using 4 motor talon drive and I have changed the code accordingly. Also I know for sure that the PWM’s are all connected to the correct location. Whenever we run the code the talons receive voltage and the PWM’s are sending out 5 volts but no motors move. Yes I understand the the ping warning is just saying that we aren’t connecting with ethernet and are connecting to the radio with wifi but it still confuses me. So basically is the problem just the Talons’ fault or is something actually wrong with the code?

can you run any of the other examples on this cRIO?

did you fix the 10.xx.yy.2 address in the LabVIEW project you are running?

Before you do anything with the code, turn the robot on and open the driver station.

What are the driver station diagnostic lights telling you? Does the lower left say “no code”, “teleoperated disabled” or something else?

Have you put in your team number in the setup tab?

It says no code as I have re-imaged the cRIO and erased all previous code. It also says teleoperated disabled unless I run it. Also the basics for the code are correct. It says for the cRIO and all the communications are in check it just will not run.

Read that 44002 message again. It’s a “warning”, not an “error”. It also contains many individual bits of information, telling you basically what devices the Driver Station is able to detect on the network. The only ones you should care about are the “Robot Radio(.1)” and “cRIO(.2)”. If those are GOOD, you’re fine. Don’t worry about any of the others. You’ll always see FMS as bad until you’re actually connected to a competition field, for example.

So does that mean there is something wrong with the program then. I am using the code supplied to us by FIRST so I would expect not but what else could it be?

It could be any of a hundred things.

Tell us what your robot and Driver Station are telling you. They have a lot of blinky lights of various colors that give a lot of information about what is going on. For now, focus on the Driver Station “Communication” and “Robot Code” indicators, the big orange Robot Signal Light, and the LEDs on the Talon speed controllers. What are they all showing 1) when the robot is disabled, 2) when it is enabled, and 3) when you try to move the motors?