LabVIEW Com Port Error

Labview problem is with the COM port.

CMUcam2 v1.01 c7

Error Code: -1073807202
Error String: Property Node in VISA Configure Serial Port (Instr).vi->>CMUcam2

We have the camera set up using labview. Everything works fine.
We have a second computer where we are playing with the c code.

Labview works on first computer. Gives the above error on the second computer. First computer is a desktop, second is a laptop with a serial port.

HELP. We have read all the posts and tried what we could. No luck.

Thank you very much for your help

-Team 354

Oh ya,
Under the serial port menu in Labview, nothing is showing up. Just “refresh.” nothing else and refresh doesn’t help.

We did read previous posts…
TTL Cable not connected, port baud settings are correct.

Please post this in a new thread. Could a moderator split this?

Otherwise, I had that same problem and found out the serial cable wasn’t in all the way.

You didn’t install VISA on the second computer. Do so and it should work fine.

Good luck!