LabVIEW Community Edition

LabVIEW Community Edition 2020 is now free for non-commercial non-FRC use. It is supposed to have all the same features as the professional version. Caution: I haven’t tried downloading it yet so I don’t know if it will break your FRC installation. Proceed with Caution.

LINX is now part of LabVIEW Community Edition and allows us to deploy to RaspberryPis and BeagleBone Blacks similar to how we deploy to roboRIOs. I can see FRC teams using this in a lot of off-season and training projects.
They say LINX will be supported in future versions of LabVIEW unlike before where you had to go back to LV 2014 to use it. Also, LINX can now be licenced for commercial use for free (if you pay for LabVIEW).


Word of caution:

LabVIEW Community Edition is not compatible with the FRC 2020 software stack (currently using LabVIEW 2019 plus other toolkits and modules).

Feel free to use it for your personal non-commercial and non-academic (FRC-related is allowed) projects; and continue using the NI-sponsored license that is in your team’s Virtual KoP, as well as the downloads marked specifically for FRC in the NI downloads pages, to program your robots in LabVIEW.



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