labview connection issues with Robo Rio

We have updated updated our labview and the Robo Roi, but it will not detect the Robo Rio, can anyone provide assistance please.

More info would help. We followed all the instructions carefully. Updated RoboRio firmware. Re-imaged. Updated the old DLink from last year. Could see RoboRio but could not get LabView to deploy code. We created a new project and it loaded just fine.

I’ve also had communication issues. I reimaged the rio, updated the firmware, and even through direct ethernet/USB connection to the rio, the driverstation says that it is not connected. However, in the diagnostics(?) tab, the “robot” light is green.

The robot light is just a ping.
The Communication light is when the FRC roboRIO image is talking to the Driver Station app.
Double-check that you’ve successfully used the roboRIO Imaging Tool to download the 2016_v19 image.

In that case, what can be done if the DS can ping the roboRIO, but not actually communicate?

Make sure your target in Labview and the name of the roborio match up. If your target is Roborio-(your team number) and the roborio name is roborio-(team number)-frc, or vice versa, then you will not be able to find your target.

Make sure you have updated the roborio firmware, we ran into this on Saturday. New version is v19, we had v15 on roborio, most things worked, then didn’t…