Labview control motor with buttons

Could somebody send me a screenshot or something to show me how to program a motor to buttons on the joystick. Just working through programming and wanted to see how to do this, followed one youtube video and it doesn’t work. I’m pretty sure that I have everything correct in the, it’s the that I’m having problems with.


Search the forums for “motor button” and you’ll find lots of suggestions. Here is a good one.

If Alan’s code doesn’t resolve the issue, you could try these things in the following order (testing your motor in between):

  1. Make sure that you’re “opening” the motor and joystick in the so that teleop can recognize the refnum’s (in the most basic terms, the refnum is a label for any input/output device in LabVIEW).

  2. Make sure that the refnum’s for the motor and joystick in the match those in the

  3. Create an indicator on your joystick’s button cluster, then deploy directly from the laptop. Press your desired buttons on the joystick and watch to see if they light up their respective indicators on the front panel. If not, reply with results.