LabVIEW Control / Trajectory Library 2.10

There is a new release of the LabVIEW Control / Trajectory Library (2.10). The release notes has a list of all the new and changed things. There is also a release for the samples, test, utility source library.


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PS – I’m thinking of wrapping the standard LabVIEW PID autotuning functions for use with the PID is this library. Just curious if there is interest in this?? ( I know PIDs are old technology with the state space functions in the library, but some old things are still pretty useful…)

I can’t say that we’ve ever used any kind of auto tuning. I’ve always been worried that our mechanisms cant handle the extremes.

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Our students spent maybe an hour or two overall tuning our shooters speed control ( after they characterized the feedforward ). They did a good job but asked if there was another way… There always seems to be 5 more things demanding attention. So …. I wrapped some of the standard auto tune vi to make it easier to use. Right now there are 7 different standard tuning selections. Some are less aggressive. I added a sample test program in the sandbox project. This is still a work in progress. The tuning done calculation doesn’t handle noise very well yet. Otherwise it seems to work. I thought it might have value to teach the theory and not spend a lot of time trying different tuning or at least give a better starting point. Just some thoughts.

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