Labview Crash Error After Install

My team has installed Labview on three computers so far, and only one of them has worked fine. On the other two computers, after we finished installing and activating Labview and restarting our computers, we saw an error message pop up. The error code was “api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll” and the message told us that we may need to reinstall the program to fix issues. After that, when we tried to start Labview for the first time, it crashed instantly (and crashed each of the many times we tried again).

I searched the error code on the internet and found a video telling me to uninstall Labview, install any new Windows updates, and reinstall Labview. I tried that on one of the two computers, and it didn’t work. Upon restart, I was greeted by the same error message and another crash.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Does anyone know why it might be happening, and how we could fix it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Same question (& answers) here: 2017 FRC Update issues - missing DLLs when imaging…

The short answer is you need to do all your Windows updates.

Thanks for the help!
I checked again and found out that when I thought I had installed all my Windows updates, I had only installed a few. After I finally got all of them installed, Labview stopped having the crash error. In fact, I didn’t even have to reinstall it!