Labview dashboard become messy

Hi! I am a student in Team 8020(CyberpunK) , Taiwan.
I use labview dashboard in FRC competition.
But when i trying to add an camera and change it size , it’s form come messy.
How can i prevent that?
problem video :
project link :

The Labview Dashboard is set to ‘auto-size’ when it’s run and maximized. I’ve always found this to be a problematic. See if you can find the settings that control the resizing in the block diagram and remove them or set them to constants. That has always been my solution.

You can find the methods used to make the resizing in the Dashboard’s block diagram: loop 5.

My recommendation is to avoid changing the behavior of the dashboard and adding the additional information that you want to display to the user under the Drive or Custom tabs:

thanks, your help
now i disable the adjust dashboard vi and it works !!

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