Labview Dashboard Help

I am trying to make a slider on the dashboard control a motor’s output. I have an idea as to what to do, but if I could get any suggestions, that would be great.

I found this discussion to be the most informative source for this year’s dashboard. They made it ridiculously easy to do but the tutorials I’ve seen don’t explain it clearly.

I opened it up and it said the vi was missing, or had been removed or deleted. So did i do something wrong?

Forgive me if I’m a bit confused here. When you say you opened it up, did you mean you tried to open a dashboard project in LabVIEW or do you mean you opened the dashboard in Windows?
I’m going to assume you tried to open the in LabVIEW but LabVIEW couldn’t find it. I think you want to open a new Dashboard project first. LabVIEW will then create the and open it up for you to edit.
Let me know if I’m off base here.