LabVIEW Dashboard printing garbage data

Hi everybody.

Our robot is running Lua, and we are having it send a 4-8 character string to LabVIEW using the AddString() function. Directly printing the sent value, it displays a few random characters that aren’t on the keyboard.

We can get and display data types like U8 and U16 perfectly fine, it’s just Strings in particular that are becoming issues. Any ideas on what’s wrong?

LV strings are preceded by a four byte binary count. If the Lua string is different, this may explain the bad characters. If you can give a more specific example, I may be able to recommend how to make the strings compatible.

Greg McKaskle


I add StringControl to the DashboardData typedef, and re-add it into the dashboard VI. When its unbundled with the Analog and Digital modules and such, i link a string indicator to it, and get strange characters printed in it.

Examples of what gets sent:

But what are the characters that are printed?

Greg McKaskle

Alright, here’s an example:

String sent from robot: “Slot”

String printed in Dashboard: “ìèH”