LabView decompiler


These past few weeks we’ve been trying to get our old Aerial Assist bot from 2014 up and running again. We did succeed in getting it to drive, but now we have another problem. We don’t have the original LabView source code for the robot. However, we know the code already on the bot is working just fine, as I was able to drive it. We could just wipe it and recode the whole thing, but we’d rather get code we know for a fact works off the bot before doing anything.

I’ve done some digging, and cannot find if there is or is not a decompiler for LabView binary. I also cannot pinpoint what program you are even supposed to use in order to get the binary off the bot. We know for a fact the code on the bot now was made in LabView (unsure what version), and the bot is using a CRIO.

So I guess, what I’m asking is: how do you get the compiled binary off a CRIO, and are there any decompilers for LabView code?

No decompilers, but you can use ftp to copy the existing executable to/from a PC for safekeeping.
It’s a standard file system.


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