LabView Deploy

I was wondering how to deploy code in LabView. The document on the KOP website says to just hit the run arrow, is it really that simple or do I have to click a “deploy” button?

Hitting the arrow in robot main will deploy the code, assuming you have your driver station and robot all connected to the network. Clicking the finish button or the abort button (not recommended) in robot main will un-deploy the code.

If you want to make the robot run without a second laptop (just the driver station/classmate PC), you have to go to the project explorer, open up the RT CompactRIO Target section, then the Build Specificiations section, then right click on FRC Robot Boot0up Deployment and select build, wait for it to finish, then right click on it again and select run at startup. Note that this is ONLY if you don’t want to use your programming laptop to run the robot (like at competition, or if you use your classmate to program).

Note that if you do the second option, you can’t see debug data with things like probes. You must send any debug data you want to have to the dashboard (which is annoying).