LabVIEW disc/activation code?

Hi, a few other programmers and I were talking recently and one of us discovered a problem with LabVIEW 2011. We have the new liscense, but we cannot activate, and we don’t have a new disc either - basically, we lose LabVIEW in 7 days if this doesn’t get fixed.
This is especially worrisome since NI already has an update for this year, and it says, “This software update is meant to be installed ONLY after installing LabVIEW FRC from the DVD that comes with the 2011 Controls Kit or on the Classmate computer that comes with the kit.”

I plan to alert FIRST when their traffic goes down a little, but want to know if anyone else has a solution.

Are you attempting to install LabVIEW 8.6.1 included with the kit of parts? The license is L13R02200–it’s written on the envelope containing the LabVIEW installation disc. You have to be connected to the internet before you activate the license, so maybe that’s your problem?

We had been unable to locate it, but that shouldn’t matter - it’s the same software, and the NI updates posted for 2011 so far should accomodate for any differences (we had done a clean install of the old software and gone from there, but…)

We will check again for it tomorrow, but I suspect that FIRST changed something in the installer files and we’ll have to request a new disc.

Yeah, we have the license already (found on a different thread before starting this one). Mentor is going to try installing the new disc (if it’s located) to our newest laptop tomorrow, and hopefully that will work.

We’re definitely connected to the internet, otherwise we wouldn’t have found the license at all.

Last year’s LabVIEW was 8.6, and this year is 8.6.1. It is not OK to install last year’s DVD and then this year’s updates. That probably is why you are having activation trouble.

Are you saying that the LabVIEW disc was not included in your KOP?

Just FYI, an internet connection is only required to activate “online.” Phone activations are available, as well as emailing a special file from another PC to NI for activation codes. (PS: activation codes are unique to the computer/installation, and are not serial numbers)

Joe Ross is right–you have to install the 8.6.1 DVD that should have been in your KOP. Look for a white/blue carboard envelope.

Oops. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

One of our mentors found the disc, and installation is successful. Thanks for your help guys!