labview Drive Programming, 2 Joysticks, 4 Motors

I know there is already a thread about this, but it was from last year, 2011 Labview. So question. How do you program 4 different wheels being controlled SEPARATELY? Is that possible? Because then 2 wheels will only go one direction, unlike the other two that will go forward and back because the joystick is.

Last year we were a rookie team and we only had 2 motors, tank drive. Also, we used the triggers on the joysticks to move a window motor forward and backwards. (Right-forward, Left-back).

Right now, I’ve got the 4 motors in the, all going to a open 4 motor and the 2 joysticks in USB 1 and 2.

Please, and Thank you!

If you wire your Open 4 Motor to a Drive RefNum Set and give it a name, you’ll be able to use a Drive RefNum Get to open it. You’ll then wire the two axis from your joysticks to the tank drive module. Moving from two to four motors takes a bit of logical thinking in terms of what goes where, and what should do what. It’s best to do the coding in front of your bot.