Labview Error -44061 HELP PLEASE!

While testing our drive program we keep getting "ERROR -44061 “Joystick:JOY"FRC: The loop that contains RobotDrive is not running fast enough. this error can occur if the loop contains too much code, or if one or more other loops are starving the RobotDrive loop.”

We are using the same drive code we always have and cannot figure out what broke this year. We use a 4 motor/controller mecanum wheels system on our robot.

Do you have any wait functions or code that is holding the execution of the Are you using Highlight execution when this error shows up?

We do not have any wait functions or code that is holding up the execution that we can see. We have not been using highlight execution. Is there a way to test using highlight execution without being connected to the RoboRio?

I don’t recommend using Highlight Execution because it will indeed slow down the execution and I would expect a similar error, if not the same.

Can you post a snippet of your code so we can potentially see which is the issue?
(also, I am assuming this happens when the robot is Enabled in Teleop, please tell us if this is not the case)

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