LabVIEW Error Code 1055?

Looking for some debugging help here…

I am trying to use a working Control System on a new computer that has been loaded with the LabVIEW software. Following the instructions on p. 2 of the “Using the FRC Framework” manual, I get error message 1055 when creating a new project.

I have the system set up as illustrated on p. 6 of Chapter 5 in the 2009 FRC Control System Manual.

Any suggestions on what I’m doing wrong? Tanks - Vince

You need to install the update over the LabVIEW version included in the kit. See

Thanks Joe - I had installed the update when I got the error message. Any other suggestions?

The important portion of his message was to install the update OVER the DVD version of LV. One of the common issues we’ve seen is to install the update over the trial version or other version of LV without having all of the appropriate toolkits installed. Since your image doesn’t show the right icon for the RT target, it doesn’t appear that RT has been installed.

Unfortunately, the updater was built to install over almost any LV 8.5, but if you don’t have the RIO driver, RT, and other elements, you will get errors especially when running the wizard.

To reiterate the other message, install the DVD version, then do the update.

Greg McKaskle

We were provided with several copies of LabVIEW 8.5 Student edition by a local NI Sales Engineer. We also have several students who used the “free” download version of 8.5.1. These two are very similar, but not identical.
Would it be safe to say that uninstalling all previous versions of LV from a system before installing the version from the DVD would be the safest way to go?
That way you know exactly what you are working with.

Still a bit confused here… I did install LabVIEW via the DVD, and then installed the updates. Based on your messages, I even re-downloaded the updates and tried to re-install them, with the resulting message that all is updated. Any other suggestions?

Can you post a screenshot of the NI License Manager?

Hope this helps… Vince

That is what I’d do. The normal LV package doesn’t include RT and other important bits.

Greg McKaskle

Darn. This sounded very much like the other problem. Sorry to have doubted you. Did your machine originally have any LV or other NI SW installed?

Greg McKaskle

I did have LabVIEW8.2 on another hard-disk on the computer.
I am now in the process of removing them both and starting the DVD install program from scratch… More to follow - Vince

Problem found and solved!

Ends up an old version of LabVIEW8.2 was lurking on another hard-drive. I ended up deleting all versions of LabVIEW and reinstalling from the DVD followed by the update. All is fine now.

Thanks to the trouble-shooters - Vince