LabView example vision code not executable

Last week we were able to try out the example vision code for the 2016 game on our programmer’s laptop. It worked well using the laptop’s built-in webcam. Today the same code presents us with a broken run arrow. We are trying to run the "FRC Color Processing example" in “My Computer” for the “2016 Vision Example” project on the programmer’s laptop.
Clicking on the run arrow produces an error message that points to the WPI Camera Laptop Read VI (which does a direct read of the camera image) saying that it is not executable. I haven’t really had a chance to dig into the code for Camera Laptop Read for more errors in any detail yet. As far as I know nobody has been messing with the code since we successfully ran it last week. Could any of the laptop settings have changed to cause this problem? Our driver’s laptop has the identical problem also. However a student’s laptop with LabView installed works fine as does my personal laptop.
I’m really at a loss here as to what could have happened since last week to make it fail to execute on both of the team laptops.
Anything else I should check?

Check to see if LabView is fully activated. (re-run license manager?) If the vision tool box isn’t activated and is past a trial-run period, it’ll show as broken like that.

Makes sense. I’ll check that tomorrow. Thanks

Had the same issue the other day! Forgot to activate Vision. Easy fix to an infuriating problem.