Labview, F310 right joystick stopped working

We followed the Tank Drive tutorial from NI. Changed Arcade Drive to Tank Drive, added axis’ 1 and 5 to the index, controller ID’s as Logitech F310.

We’ve been driving this way for several days; came in this morning and and powered up the robot for a demo and the right drive doesn’t respond.

Did all the standard TS steps, swapped PWM ports, right side works (left now ‘dead’), checked cables, ok, determined that PWM 1 is not talking anymore. We can see axis 5 data in the Drivers Station, none of the programming has been changed, but the right joystick of the controler is being ignored for some reason.

What am I overlooking?


It would be good to see a screen shot of the code in question.
Just in case you didn’t try this:

  1. Re-compile and re-download your code. Remember to select “run as startup” so it doesn’t get wiped out when you power cycle.
  2. Ensure that the joystick is working properly by looking at the value that the driver station sees. (The tab on the left that looks like a USB connection.)
  3. Ensure that the joysticks are ordered the way you want in the driver station.
  4. Make certain that no metal chips got into the roborio…

Some more things to try:

Is it just PWM 1 that isn’t working?
Have you tried switching to a different PWM in the code, i.e., output on PWM 9 instead?

What are the status lights on the motor controllers on the bad side doing?
When the robot is enabled are they solid or still blinking?

Are there any error messages on the Driver Station?
Are there any faults on the Driver Station Power & CAN tab?

Thanks all for the suggestions; long delay in getting back here, last week was insane.

We had already tried all those items mentioned and decided to abandon that effort and go with Arcade Drive and the Logitech Extreme 3D that came in the Rookie KOP. We had a new student join the team the week before and he’s turned out to be a fantastic driver; literally able to make our robot spin circles around our opponents.

We’re extremely grateful for 418 Purple Haze and 5892 Energy HEROs for having faith in us and picking us to be part of what is now know as the “Triple Hang Alliance” (and level!) and become the Channelview FIT District Event Winner.

Now I’m going to go back to work so I can rest-up and recuperate . . .

FRC 8210