LabView for beginners

Hey guys,
I’m a new to programming for my team, and we decided to use LabView, but I’m not completely sure on how to use it. Does anyone know of a website that will allow me to learn the basics, and then work my way up into more complex programming via LabView. Any tips will help! :slight_smile:


Use this Web Site…
Follow the 2011 FRC steps to Robot sucess.

Our team was at the same position last year and I found this website to be invaluable:

This site is by National Instruments and is specific to FRC. Some great information for both general labview programming and FRC specific topics.

FRC Team 358 keeps a nice library of LabView information that I just found the other day. Lots of sample code to do common tasks on the robot.

Hope this helps.

Those links are great, but it will really help if you have a good programmer willing to take the time to actually help you. Lots of that documentation is hard to understand at times and an explanation will be very useful.