Labview FRC Custom Dashboard Problem

I was going about creating a custom dashboard for our team, since we are using several sensors on our robot this year. I was running low on space, and needed it to fit our larger laptop’s screen better, so I changed the VI’s window dimensions (within VI properties).

Image 1: shows what the dashboard should look like, when in full screen mode on the driving computer.

Image 2: shows what it looks like when launched (you will notice the entire left-hand pane is missing).

Image 3: shows the window stretched across my two monitors, only then can you actually see the tabbed pane.

The Dashboard has never been easy to customize (one possible reason for switching to Java), but I have to work with it this year. Does anyone have recommendations on what I can do to resolve this issue? And suggestions or tips to keep in mind when making changes to the dashboard? Thanks.

On the driver station, there is a setting for picking the language used by the dashboard. What program is it set to? Attached is a photo is where the configuration is found on the driver station.

I have it set to the correct dashboard. It was tested with, and without the driver station connected.

At the bottom of the Dashboard Main block diagram you will see an icon labeled DB Adjust.

If you want you can Disable that, and exercise manual control over everything, or you can play with the settings inside.

Look inside and you see where the screen size is set.
Check out the sizing refnums too. Those are used to resize panels.
Property nodes are in use there as well.

I was not aware it could be disabled, how can I go about doing that, without causing errors in the program?

Programming palette -> Structures -> Diagram Disable

This will leave the Dashboard with a normal window border and it can be dragged about, minimized, etc.
It won’t fit nicely on a Classmate-size screen with the borders active though.
Eventually you might want to explore how to get it to automatically resize to fit whatever screen you run on.



Thankfully, we aren’t on a classmate! I appreciate the help, I wasn’t aware you could use a diagram disable structure without affecting the program’s functionality.

The diagram disable definitely does affect the program functionality, … by disabling the execution of the code within it. It is similar to deleting the code.

The dashboard has lots of functionality and is shipped as source code. We’ve discussed making a simple dashboard template, but have thus far decided to keep the default one open and modifiable. Feedback about how this could be better documented or implemented is welcome.

Greg McKaskle

I’ll say the dashboard template is a large bit of code that is difficult to understand and handle. The large use of hidden front panel items makes it difficult to use. I’d prefer if it used more global variables than hidden front panel items.

A simple dashboard would be great to have. Might consider using popup VIs rather than the tab control to contain functionality such as the checklist, commands, and variable front panels to their respective code. Trying to work around all of this code was very difficult. I would love to keep the auto-resizing in there, but it caused too much grief, so I removed that.