LabView FRC Toolkit code level issue


As I was working on the second tutorial, I came across an issue inside the FRC toolkit. The subVi called ‘Packet’ was apparently created with LabView 8.5. The all the other subVis in the FRC kit appear to be compatible with version 8.2. The tutorial also specifies using LabView 8.2. The screen dumps in the jpg below should help you understand what’s happening.

I tried downloading the older version of the toolkit, but apparently that link is not longer available.

So, could someone please post a version of the Packet at level 8.2?

Oh, and as long as I’m at it – any chance we could get the Ultrasonic sensor added to the FRC toolkit? If not, can you please explain a work-around? We do use those sensors and I didn’t see any way to read the contents of a register directly from the FRC controller into the LabView simulation during the tutorials.

Thanks much,

I am sorry, but the Simulation and Modeling Toolkit is no longer being supported. All FRC teams were provided LabVIEW 8.5 in the 2008 FRC KOP, and the updates to the packet reader were made in 2008 and were done in LabVIEW 8.5 - please use the updated version of LabVIEW if you are going to continue to use the toolkit, there were significant stability enhancements made to LabVIEW 8.5 and if you have any problems/questions with using LabVIEW 8.5 we will be better equipped to support you.

National Instruments will be introducing a new software package for the 2009 FRC season, and all of our efforts will be put into supporting and maintaining that software package.

Thank you for your interest.

Thank-you Danny.

Please let me repeat my request. I’m asking if someone could please post the file ‘Packet’ in version 8.2.

The version 8.5 file can be saved as a version 8.2 by opening it and using the pull down menus to File>Save for Previous Version… and select 8.2.

The path to the file is: /FRC/user.lib/_frc/Dashboard Provider/Packet

Danny, I respect your position as being a good corporate spokesman. But I was really looking more for some GP from one of the other FRC teams, not support from the NI corporation.

Thanks all,