LabView Free to FRC?

Hello FRC Teams:

I’m sorry if this is redundant (or dumb), but I am getting conflicting information. Does anyone know definitively if LabView is free to FRC teams and/or is the free Community download from NI capatable with FRC? We want to use it this year. Thank you.

Yes, and you’ll get the serial number in the virtual kit of parts.

I’m not sure about the community download from NI, but you’ll also need to install the FRC game tools as well as CTRE/Rev APIs.

If you want to use it before kickoff, you’ll have to install last year’s version. Follow the directions here.

Like @aph5 said, you’ll need to install the game tools after you install labview, and you’ll need to install any vendor libraries (instructions on each vendor’s site).

You’ll need a key to activate LabVIEW - your head mentor can access this on the FIRST dashboard under “Payment and Product” → " Passwords/Voucher Codes".

Unless the world has ended, yes.

But, the official info will end up on this website soon. Keep an eye out.

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