Labview & Github

I’m a mentor for team 5188 and this year we want to try to organize our code revisions better, so obviously github is the solution we came to. But I’m not quite sure how to integrate the two as I’m not familiar with git myself. Has anyone gotten a nice setup for this or know of any good tutorials for setting it up? Thanks!

There really is no “good” implementation of git and LV. You can’t diff LV files. Period. But that doesn’t mean version control isn’t useful. You should always use version control. Just keep in mind that you can’t merge LV files, only overwrite them.

I find labVIEW and version control to be a real pain. That said it does come with lvcompare, which does work.

GitHub is fully compatible with Subversion. We use TortoiseSVN to version control our stuff on GitHub.

If you install at the VI Package Manager, there is a TSVN plugin for LabVIEW.

…except for with the diff/merge tools Labview comes with.
You can define these as the diff and merge tools when using command line git, and possibly for only .vi files; I have not worked out the latter yet.

My team has used Tortoise Git in the past (which also supports customizing the diff and merge tools to use the LabVIEW provided ones), the tutorial we used to use is no longer online, but this project on Bitbucket is specifically supporting Tortoise Git working with LabVIEW

My team is using TortoiseGit + GitHub with LabVIEW. The main thing for LabVIEW is to set up the diff and merge tools which actually work pretty well. Here’s how:
In the settings menu, there’s an area for diff view and merge tool. Set an external diff tool like this:

The location for diff tool should be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Compare\LVCompare.exe

Do the same for merge tool, and the location for that is:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Merge\LVMerge.exe