Labview Gyro mecanum weirdness

So we have been following this guide and got up to step 6. We have used mecanums a lot and this is the first time we have used a gyro to compensate for drift etc. The difference is night and day which is great but the problem happens when we go to rotate. The robot will rotate to whatever direction we want but letting go of the button it rotates all the way back to the original header. Is that the way it should be or should it be writing a new global ‘header’ after letting go of the Left or Right buttons?

Maybe I might have answered my own question after thinking about it for a bit but… The part in RED should be set on all 5 cases straight, L1, L2, R1, and R2. Yes? I will test this tonight.


No. Look at the next page with the PID.

While I’m sure that code will work, there are some poor practices in there. I will explain later.

It is working now correctly with what I changed but any help would be appreciated.