Labview Help, Rookie

Hello I am new at using labview and I was wondering if I could get some help.

I am programming a door on our robot to move up, move down, and stay in the middle, on three separate buttons on our joysticks.

And I know this is probably easy to do, but any help is appreciated.

Do you want to hold down a button to make the door go up and hold down another button to make it go down, with the door stopping if neither button is pressed?

Or do you want it to act like a commercial overhead door and go all the way up (or down) after a short tap on the up (or down) button, and go automatically to the middle and stop there when a third button is tapped?

The first one is easy, almost trivial. The second one takes some careful program design and an appropriate set of feedback sensors on the door position.

I think I have a similar question- couldn’t find anything anywhere else, so I hope this is the right thread…

how do you program limit switches in LabView? We want a door to pivot up when we press a button, and go until it hits a limit switch. Then we want to press the button and have it go back down until it hits another limit switch. Would it be difficult to run both up and down with one button? (When button’s pressed, if top switch=1 then run motor backwards to the bottom switch, and vice versa.)

Sure. Here’s an image that demonstrates it. I haven’t tested this, just off the top of my head. It uses a feedback node to keep track of the motor value, set to 1 at the start, and when anyone of the limit switches goes off, it negates the value. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



programming i need help with labview


There’s a set of manuals on the FIRST site at:

You may be interested in the manual entitled Getting Started with LabVIEW for FRC.

i have read it and still don’t get it

OK. It sounds like what you might like is some hands on teaching…

How about the Videos and Presentations link on the same web page. (or you can click the link below to go directly)

They help you in Writing your first LabVIEW program

thank you that help’s me out:) :yikes: