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Before when I had it wired without the multiply symbol I only had constant and when I booted that in to the robot it would go by itself every time the button is pressed and there was no joystick control as seen in pic
Now I redid it according to help from others and would this allow the joystick to be half as sensitive and let me control the robot with the joystick until button one is pressed to allow a turbo mode

The way you currently have it (in the second picture) the robot will run using the joystick up to full speed when button one is not pressed.

When button 1 is pressed the joystick controls will be scaled down by the constant (.75 in your picture).

In the first picture, when I press button 1 the robot moves forward in one direction and is not affected by moving the joysticks.

Yes, this is because you are wiring a constant .5 into the Tank Drive VI. When I referred to the “way you have it” I was referring to the second picture.

OK with the second picture it will run at full speed without button one being pressed but when pressed the joystick values get cut in half. Also should I leave the axis value unbundled outside the case structure.

Right now they will be 3/4 when the button is pressed. If you change the constant on the multiply to .5 then they will be cut in half.

Yes, the Axis unbundle can remain outside the case structure. That is probably the most clear as the unbundled value is needed in both cases.

How would I go about cutting the motor speed in half instead of messing with the joystick. The wheels and they slip and slide a lot with the power and are uncontrollable.

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do here. Why don’t you want to modify the joystick inputs before they go into the Tank Drive VI, is there something about this approach that isn’t the way you want?

Sorry for the confusion, I was asking will cutting the joystick values in half give me the same effect as cutting the motor speed in half. So the max motor speed is .5 instead of one. Which one do you think is more beneficial if the robot has to much power? If it is cutting the motor speed in half how would go about doing that?

Cutting the actual motor speed in half requires closed loop control using a sensor such as an encoder.

The code you have is the easy way to slow down your drive motors.

Ok I will try it tomorrow and will report on how it went.

If you are looking for a permanent speed reduction, I would think that you can multiply the unbundled “Y” value before sending it anywhere by something less than 1, and that would send less than the maximum voltage to the motors.