Labview Help

could someone post a sample VI for a four CIM motor system? We need it in tank drive, but i dont know where to start:]

it uses talons, four of them

Here’s one:

which VI do i build this in?

You should have created a default robot project, and there will be default code already in the vi’s. The vi’s you want to modify are under the CompactRIO Target -> Team Code

There are three parts:

  • The code labeled goes in
  • The code labeled goes in
  • The code labeled Finish,vi goes in
    You also have to add a second Joystick 2 in, but you can highlight and copy/paste the default code for Joystick 1, then change the USB and the name.

For the drive code there will be conflicting default code, so remove that or at least make sure the PWMs referenced in are different than the ones you are using.

which template is the default robot project? when i go in, in asks what architecture i want. i dont remember that last year

That’s new this year.

I’d suggest choosing Arcade Drive Robot - hardware or simulation