Labview Help

I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem and knows how to fix it says the function name for niimaqdx.dlll:LV_IMAQdxAttributeBatch:C cannot be found

One or our laptops had IMAQdx issues yesterday due to licensing. The symptoms were slightly different, but it may be worth going to Start and launching the NI License Manager utility. You should see something about Vision Acquisition shown in the list. All we did was click it and it finalized the activation. Then we restarted LabVIEW to get the IMAQ dll to unload and reload, and things were fine.

I’m not sure why the other components were licensed, but imaq was left in eval mode, but that seems to be what happened. If this doesn’t work, you may instead try opening the Add/Remove Programs control panel app, open the National Instruments section, find Vision Acquisition, and repair. Or instead, do a remove and install.

If this doesn’t fix it, don’t forget that has support option on it as well and a support forum.

Greg McKaskle