Labview Image Overlay on Camera

Is it possible to overlay a static image on top of the live feed coming from a camera through LabView image processing.

Absolutely, they are in fact called overlays. The default dashboard doesn’t draw one, but it does contain a VI in the loop to clear any overlays, as that is usually the first step in putting your own in. The VIs are in the Vision Utilities section, second row, third column – looks like a cross-hair.

They include lots of vector routines for lines and arcs and a bitmap one if you want something fancy like a logo.

Greg McKaskle

It’s also possible to do such overlays using a feature of the camera itself, so you don’t have to modify the Dashboard. If you do it that way, the overlaid graphics will appear in every image from the camera, and it could interfere with any vision processing you want to do.

I’ve done it through the camera web interface, Just have to make sure the background is transparent of whatever image you use. You can also put text in the image. We put in a cross-hair last year and it worked great.