LabView Installation Error "Feed-2020-Released"

I’m trying to download the LabView for FRC software, using the link on this page (LabVIEW Software for FRC 2020 Download Confirmation). However, when I do that I get the error message saying, “The feed “feed-2020-released” cannot specify an empty URI. You must specify a feed URI.” I didn’t specify any URI’s or URL’s or URAnythings. I just clicked on the link on the page shown above. How do I get around this error message and install LabView for FRC on my computer?

You can try downloading the software from this link found in the wpilib docs (Installing LabVIEW for FRC (LabVIEW only) — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation)

This sounds very similar to the problem described here:

Please let us know if the provided solution works, and continue the conversation in that thread :slight_smile:


Using the offline installer instead of the default installer did the trick. Thank you to those of you who replied, suggested we try that.

(Note to any readers who work at NI. You should tell the appropriate member of your team about the problem with the default installer. Even though there’s a workaround for the problem, the problem still needs to be fixed.)

As posted on the ni forum linked above - this issue has been resolved.

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