LabView Installation Error

Here is the rookie team again. We do not have the USB stick from 2012 KOP, instead other team burned us a DVD for LV FRC 2012.
I used the DVD installed LV 2012 in one lap top win7 (64 bit) without any problem. But when I try to use the same DVD to install in other XP (32 bit) and getting the error:

NI LabVIEW for FRC 2012
Error: Windows SDK functin returned an error. (Error code -12)
Error Details:
Windows function StreamIn returned an error. Error code: 4294967280
End Error Report

Tried install in different PCs, same error. Any ideas?

Try the advice posted here:

It also looks like this error might be caused by a missing dependency. Make sure your Windows is fully updated (

I did try the solution but no luck. I called NI support, the would guess the installation files are corrupted. I tested by re-install it in my working PC (it was installed successfully before), then I got the same error message.
Anyone have the original software I can try? (No need for license key, just the installation software).
Thanks - Charlie

No one want to help. :frowning: