Labview 'Invert Flag' for motors

We were controlling the servos on our robot in an extremely simple test (based on the defualt example), and the sets of wheels (chained per side) spun in opposite directions. Hence, as we created the reference to the engines outside the main while, we added an invert flag to one of them. We could not observe any change. (Err… where not sure if they both switched, though.) When we set ‘true’ to the invert flag on both motors, nothing happened at all.

When both flags are false it works fine. Our engines our in the same slot and are of different PWMs. We send the same 127 nuetral (0-255) value to both motors from the graphical slider.

Ah, and thanks for any help.
If there is anything I could do to make this clearer, please let me know!

Sometimes the best way of conveying something in LabVIEW is with screenshots :wink: