Labview is missing

So, after we re-image our computer, we have a little icon to get to Labview, but the program isn’t there. We tried installing updates, and just about everything we can think of. Nothing seems to be working. Is Labview NOT supposed to show up on the re-imaging? If not, how is everyone getting Labview on their computers? External disk drive? flash drives?

I am a mechanical guy so I could be wrong on this. Normally I don’t speculate, but no one else has chimed in.

It is my understanding that when you re-image your computer, you lose anything that was not a part of the new image placed on the system. Instead of updates, try installing LabView from the discs in the KoP.

Also, are you trying to run LabView on the Classmate? I believe the Classmate is intended to be used for the Operator Inteface and not software development. Again, it’s not my area of expertise.

Last year, Labview came with the classmate, and we had no issues developing on there. The only issue with having Labview on a disc is that the classmate does not have a disc drive. I’ll see what I can come up with for an external drive, because developing on another computer just seems like unnecessary work, but I guess I don’t know what other teams are doing. Also, if I remember right, we need labview in order to link the robot to the classmate so we can use the dashboard.

Check out this thread:

Also, the dashboard will work just fine without LabVIEW. The dashboard is an executable made in LabVIEW and only requires the LabVIEW runtime, which is present on the new image. We’ve tested this and were driving with the new image today.