Labview Issue

We’re relatively new to Labview and we are having a problem figuring out how to get one button to activate 2 motors. To whoever is going to respond, please respond in terms I can understand or, better yet, a picture of how to do it. Here’s our Teleop:

Also, we haven’t tested whether the index array we set up will work with having different motors activate at different button presses.
Any help is appreciated.

Do you mean two motors like this?



Similar to that. Just figured out a different way how to do it. About to test it. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks for the reply! If this code I just made doesn’t work I’ll try yours.

Also your tank drive is not programmed correctly.
Just noticed,

You’re passing in a signal to your Motor Set Output block, but no Motor device reference (big fat pink line)… You’d have to get the motor reference by name and wire it into the top-left terminal of the Motor Set Output block.