Labview issues PLEASE HELP!!!!

How do you controll the prgram using the FMS Feild mangament system.

Your question is too generic. Please be a little more specific. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

You can now run a practice match directly from the Driver Station software if that would help.

If you really want to use FMS, do you have the guide to read?
Pretty much you enter the robot team number(s), check to disable any of the unused 6 robot slots, and start.

It won’t run if any of the non-disabled robot status indicators are red though. No error message, you’ll just click start and nothing will happen.

You would probably have better luck (and less FRC specific answers) if you posted in the FTC forum.

Oops, missed the FTC tag.:slight_smile:

Please forgive my FRC-centric response.