Labview Licences

I have installed Labview from the controller KOP but am still using the evaluation copy. How many stations can we license for Labview? I can’t find that information on the NI site? I have only seen one reference here but that was vague.

Thank you!

you have unlimited licences, but it needs to be within the team!!

Is there any documentation that actually says we have unlimited licenses? I’ve been looking around but haven’t found anything.

i heard this from other people on these forums,

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and one of my mentors stated this to

in addition in the control system manual published by FIRST

it sates under section 4.2.1 Licensing

This is quoted Directly from the manual

4.2.1 Licensing
The National Instruments LabVIEW license is active until January 15, 2010. The Wind River
Workbench license is active until January 5, 2010.
Teams are permitted to install the software on as many team computers as needed, subject to the
restrictions and license terms that accompany the applicable software, and provided that only team
members or mentors use the software, and solely for the FRC. Rights to use LabVIEW and
Workbench are governed solely by the terms of the license agreements that are shown during the
installation of the applicable software.

Awesome. Thanks.
I should probably read the rest of that…

I helps when installing WindRiver more than it does for Labview, but yes it helps alot!!