LabVIEW load error code 6: Could not load block diagram.

I had been working on my Periodic this weekend and when I came to work on it today it would not open. When I would click to open it, it would pop up an error message stating, “LabVIEW: Generic error. An error occurred loading VI ‘Periodic’. LabVIEW load error code 6: Could not load block diagram.”

I had done some research on this, however I only came across people with error code 3, which would be the same but did not allow one to open the front panel instead. There was a work-around for that, I was wondering if anybody else had encountered this issue before and if there was a work-around for not being able to load the block diagram?

For some reason my last restore point was 1-17-14 so I’d very much appreciate it if I wouldn’t have to lose so many days of work.

We encountered this problem whenever we would put our code on a flash drive, load it from there and then while it was loaded, *remove *the flash drive.

Did you move the project files while they were open in LabVIEW? Does each .vi load correctly outside of the project? If so, check the “Files” view of your project and look to see if any files have an attention icon next to them.

I was only working on the project files from the computer itself. On Saturday I had saved the files and then logged off of the computer. This Monday the Periodic Tasks vi came up with that error. I tried opening the file on its own, within the project, and on a different machine and the error code still came up. In both the Files view and the Items view no files have an attention icon.

Then my next best guess comes from almighty Google: your file(s) are probably corrupted. Try reloading from your most recent backups before your problem started occurring. Sorry buddy :frowning:

That’s what I had suspected as well. Thanks for your help.

De nada! Don’t be afraid to do some more research on your problem as well; who knows, maybe I’m wrong!