LabVIEW Mecanum Programming

I am attempting to program Mecanum… The only problem is that forward and backward does not work as planned. We have all the axis’s set correctly for a flight controller stick ( I will add a picture as well of the begin and teleop program. If anything else is needed I will be happy to provide! :smiley: Link: ( Link: (


There are too many True constants feeding into the Open 4 Motor.
Without a vi snippet I can’t tell what they are wired to though.
Offhand I don’t think there should be any True constants wired in, but I’d have to double check that.

The Teleop looks okay.

How are the rollers on each wheel oriented?
The length of the rollers on the top of each of the four wheels should point in to the center of the robot.

The wheels are definitely orientated correctly. What do you mean by True constants?
I could get you the VI snippet if you were interesting in that!

The T’s in the green boxes shouldn’t be there.