Labview: Missing


We are a rookie team, and this is our first time using Labview, so we dont have any prior experience. We installed LabView from the DVD and the FRC update from the site, and the install completed without any issues on 4 different laptops. While trying to read data from an encoder in the labview simulator we came across a weird problem: the encoder start function does not exist on our function palette ( The place where we would expect it to exist: Rt-Click on the block diagram --> WPI Robotics Library --> Sensors --> Encoder does not have the VI on any of the laptops. We searched for the VI but couldn’t find it. I downloaded an example that had the VI, and tried to copy the VI over - however that didn’t work. The VI had a large red cross on it (I assume that means the VI is not correct ). I tried searching for an answer online but couldn’t find any.

Our question is - Did the start VI shape get dropped this year, or do we have a bad install? So far, all other functions that we needed around joysticks, motors, servo, etc. exist and are working as expected. TRhanks in advance for your advice.


There is not an Encoder nor was there last year, at least in our code. See the Encoder example by going to Help -> Find Examples… The Encoder example is in the Digital folder.

That worked - thanks so much!