LabVIEW Not Writing Numbers to SD

We are currently using LabVIEW to build our own dashboard for the driver station. Our robot is in Java however. The problem we are having is that we have a few sliders on the dashboard whose data is being converted to a double then written to SmartDashboard. Our problem is that if we check SmartDashboard, these values do not appear and therefore are not able to be read from it in Java. However, it only appears to be a problem with writing values because we are reading numbers and booleans fine through it. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated or if you need more information just let me know.

Is the conversion and SD Write being done inside a loop in the Dashboard program, or is it outside all loops? Unless you put it in a loop, it will only be executed once.

Also read the comments on the diagram, the large green boxes. If you place the slider in the Operation tab, like the Slider 1, and name it with your variable, you are done. The writes are done for you.

If you want more control or more interaction, you do need to consider when the code is run, and typically you want it in a loop.

Greg McKaskle