Labview Plugin/Build errors

Hey Guys,
Let me start this off by saying I am by no means a software guy. I have pretty much no idea what I am doing when it comes to the software side of the robot…that said, here is my problem…

I have written a VI that I wish to download to the cRIO. However, I get build errors when I try to run the VI that state labview cannot find certain libraries. Through my research I believe I have narrowed the problem down to me missing certain cRIO drivers.

My question is how does one start fresh with labview so that they will be able to simply write a new VI and be able to download it to the cRIO with all of the libraries etc. already setup. What do I need to download/install to get labview to function properly with the cRIO assuming all I have done is install labview from the discs in the kit??

I’m sorry if this is a very basic question, but for some reason I cannot get the VI I wrote to run and I only have a few days to make this happen.


Assuming a fresh install from the KOP disks you still need to apply the latest FRC update 3.0a.
Here are the links:

If you have error messages, it would be useful to post those so that we can also interpret the messages instead of relying on your interpretation. For example, some functionality is PC specific, and even with a correct installation, RT simply will not do X – it doesn’t have the ability to. I can’t tell without the list of missing libraries.

Greg McKaskle

Will post libraries in an a little while, I am on my way to campus where the computer is stationed.