Labview program wont build

When i go to deploy all it says “The Real-Time application has not been built. You must build the application before deploying.” but when i build the code it doesn’t do anything. It just gets a black inside border around the project window. Anyone have any ideas on what causes this?

May I ask you to describe step-by-step how you are deploying the code?
There are two kinds of deployment techniques for LabView and that’s why I’m asking.

I try and build the code from “FRC Robot Boot-up Deployment” and it deosn’t do anything.

I can’t build when building it does nothing at all.

It’s been a couple of days. Did you ever get your LabVIEW project to build?

If not, we’d like to assist you in making it work. However, you haven’t given us enough information for us to give you helpful suggestions. Mr Tanguay asked you to tell us, step by step, exactly what you are doing. That means describing each mouse click and each key pressed, in excruciating detail. Let us know what you expect to see at each step, and what you see instead. Don’t leave out anything. What you think is an irrelevant detail might actually be an important clue.