Labview programming help

I am a new programer, were a first year team, and I am having trouble on where I need to go to sep up my joystick to where I can use it to controll multiple actions, i.e using 2 jaguars to control the transmission, while hitting another button and using it to control our other two jags to control se other motors like the ebmpast 4212/12H moto, please help as quickly as possible!!Ps I am using labview for my programming

I strongly suggest going to and watching the videos there.

Ok, to start, you’re in the wrong section of the forums for this question. You want to be in the Technical -> Programming -> NI Labview section. You’ve posted in the forum section dedicated to problems with the forum itself, so not many of the folks who can help you are going to see it. Can a Mod please fix this?

Now, on to your technical problem, I’m going to second the recommendation that you go to and watch the videos. They are remarkably helpful for new programmers to get used to the Labview framework and learn a lot of the basic skills to do things.

Alright thanks bro