Labview Programming Technique Question

Rookie Labview Programmer Question

Within the FRC LV framework, I see the Tele-OP vi and I see the periodic task vi. Based on examples I have studied, the joystick control goes in the tele-op vi. I now want to add a solenoid control for an air valve. This will be actuated by a joystick input. My question is does this go in the tele-op vi or in the periodic task vi?

More generally, what kind of tasks are typically are placed in the tele-op vi vs the periodic task vi?

Thanks for your help.

you put all controls in the telop you shouldn’t need to use periodic task at all.
in periodic you put things like resetting inputs things you don’t control
so yes solenoids,relays,gyros,motors all go in the telop

Well, there is a difference.
Use periodic tasks when you want something to execute at a certain rate, regardless of whether you receive a datagram from the Driver Station or not.

Use teleop for functions that require direct driver control.