Labview project won't build

After installing Labview and the software updates, we tried to build the default project. An error came up and the project won’t build. A picture of the warning is below. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. We did activate Labview (it says there are 368 days remaining) and we installed the 2011 v3.0 update, the utilities update, and the driver station. If I forgot to mention something important, let me know and I’ll provide said info.

It looks like your LabVIEW installation is incomplete. It’s telling you that you don’t have the Real-Time features available, for example.

It’s also apparent that you didn’t provide a valid IP address when you created the project. It’s still set at the default “10.xx.yy.02” instead of the that would be appropriate for your team. Maybe that’s tripping up something and giving a misleading error message? It would be worth fixing it and trying again.

I updated the IP address to, but on the cRIO line it reads “RT compactRIO Target (, Real-Time features not available)”.
The same build error is occuring. Does the real-time features part just mean the cRIO is not connected? Also, if the installation is bad or incomplete, is the best solution to uninstall Labview and then reinstall it?

You might be able to just reinstall the RT portion. If you run the whole installer again, it will check everything to make sure it installed, and install the things that aren’t. (You get a summary at the end)

I put the disc in and ran setup. It seems to have installed the missing parts. Thanks for your help!